Temporary Car Insurance for Vacations

When a person goes on vacation, he or she will often need to rent or borrow a car in order to see the area and travel more efficiently. However, when renting or borrowing a car, it is still necessary to have insurance. Fortunately, you can purchase temporary car insurance rather than buying an annual policy that you won't use.

Temporary insurance can be activated immediately after purchase, or it can become effective on a pre-determined date. This type of cover can last anywhere from one day to just under a year, and is most commonly used by those who are renting a car for vacation or loaning their car to a friend or out-of-town visitor. If you need a policy for longer than that, you would need to have an annual policy. There are a variety of companies currently offering temporary insurance.

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A temporary car insurance policy will cover you for a set amount of time while you are temporarily using a vehicle. In order to cancel the policy, all you need to do is issue a written cancellation request to the company.

There are a variety of benefits associated with purchasing this type of insurance. With a temporary policy, you will not be subject to any changes or penalties to your long term policy in the event of an altercation. In addition, acquiring this type of insurance is much quicker and easier than applying for a long term policy. Finally, it is possible to obtain one policy that covers multiple temporary use vehicles, and purchasing temporary insurance for a rental can be cheaper than attempting to drive your own car on vacation, especially if your destination is far from home.

You can either pay temporary car insurance on a monthly basis, or you can opt to pay the entire amount up front. The cost of such a policy depends on the type of cover you need. There are a variety of online companies as well as brick and mortar businesses that sell temporary car insurance. You can either apply in an office or online. It is also important to compare rates from different companies as the prices can differ greatly. Make sure that your policy includes liability insurance, as well as property damage and personal injury cover. You may also want to consider purchasing a policy that includes medical cover or roadside assistance. It is not common to find a temporary policy that includes auto repair cover.

Purchasing temporary car insurance for your next vacation can save you a lot of money and hassle. You won't have to worry that an accident you may have while on vacation will affect your insurance once you've gone home. In addition, you can fly to your destination and rent a car rather than driving hundreds of miles and being tired before you even arrive. In addition, temporary insurance is an excellent choice if you need to loan your car to a friend.